Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funny Little Girl-isms

M LOVES stuffed animals, kitties and doggies especially. Practically every week she gets a new one from her mother or me. Not that we're trying to spoil her or anything. It just that she loves them and honestly, they aren't that expensive. For $10 a week, M having a new friend is fine with me.

Her current favorite at Daddy's House is a orange striped tabby similar to the one in the picture named Tigger. The real Tigger is actually my mother's cat. Orange body, white tummy, face and paws, and HUGE. Not just big, HUGE. Tigger weighs upwards of 30 lbs and is the most docile, sweet cat I've ever been around. He spends most of his days on my parents' bed sleeping (great life, right?) and is M's absolute favorite animal in the whole world. When we visit my parents, M plays with Tigger the entire time: that is, she lies on him, puts hats on him, feeds him with her hand, and follows him everywhere. The little guy is a great sport about it.

Her stuffed Tigger looks almost the same. He's SO fat that his head is 10 sizes too small for his body. M likes to pretend that he's the real Tigger. Even better, when we Skype my parents on a weekly basis, she makes them bring the real Tigger to the camera so she can talk to him and shows him her play Tigger. Adorable.

Last week, M's Mommy bought her a stuffed doggie. Pretty non descript doggie really but cute. We've gotten to the point where the animals travel back and forth between houses and as we collect more, the bag to carry them gets bigger and bigger. And there's no end in sight :)

So I asked M what her new doggies name was and she answered...



No idea where that came from. Somehow appropriate though given it was a gift from her mother.
This weekend's new addition was a sea lion from the Bronx Zoo (a DEFINITE must see for those visiting NYC with kids. Phenomenal). The sea lion's name...Four. Again, huh?
Funny thing is that when M goes to bed, we must have 10 different stuffed animals in her bed, and some of them are bigger than her! When I go in to check on her, I sometimes have to dig her out from under the pile. Too funny.


Brittany said...

You are such an incredible daddy! :) So envious!
Your baby mama' is lucky!

I like hearing about M she seems so flippin' sweet! :)

This Daddy said...

Dude about damn time you get your ass back. What the hell. Remember your duty.
The C's have some stuffed animals also. They all have bears and all of them are named Beary. So 4 C's with multiple bears named Beary. Not confusing at all.

Senorita said...

This is just way too cute. I still love stuffed animals and have a few in my bed.

Anonymous said...

You have *far* more patience than I do. I've done 2 culls of 'snuggle toys' in The Mook's 4 1/2 years.

Best storage solution I've found is the floor pillow covers that Ikea sells. They come in ladybug and spider styles now (we have the now-discontinued hedgehog) and are meant to have these inflatable air pillows inserted. Screw that - I stuffed Mook's with her 'extra' snuggle toys!

Momma Sunshine said...

The stuffed animal thing can last for a LONG time. My 7 year old asked for "a stuffed cat" for her birthday just this year!!

Danielle said...

That is funny! My kid likes dolls. Her favorites name is Icky. Baby Icky. Kids, they are so fun!

Tom Wall said...

i just bought my niece a 5 foot tall giraffe from Fao Shwarz. Wish I could be there when she opens it.

dadshouse said...

At least she didn't say the dog's name was "WTF". Haha. The stuffies are great! My daughter is 18, and she still has stuffies she collected as a little girl. And when she was a little girl, she loved them a lot.

BigLittleWolf said...

Little kids and their stuff animal collections. I loved that my boys retained their favorites long after I would've anticipated. What could be better?

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