Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hi Everyone

Wow has it been a long time. Sorry for the no show, but I was feeling really unmotivated to write and stretched a bit thin by work, M, the relationship with HG, and searching for a new apartment. Guess I just needed a mental break from it all. Kind of going into the Man Cave to shut down and regroup.

So, I figured it best to give you some bullet points on where things are with M and me so that everyone is up to date.

M (the most important subject) - She's doing fantastic. Her vocabulary is expanding by the day and her curiosity about the differences between men and women continues to grow. The other day she decided she wanted a penis. So in the middle of our crowded lobby she asked "Daddy, can we go the penis store and buy one? I want a penis." The old ladies in the lobby didn't seem amused. TOO BAD. We have tons of summer plans including the beach with friends, beach with family, Disney World in July, and some trips to the mountains. Should be a fun summer but I'm sure it's going to fly by.

M's Mother - We may have finally hit the amiable state. While finances will always be somewhat of an issue, she's actually been a bit forgiving there lately and we haven't had a serious fight in weeks. We've been able to pull of a couple switches in nights without a problem and haven't taken any pot shots at each other. While I'm going to have a hard time every really trusting her, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this to continue. It can only be good for M.

Hot Girl and I Are No Longer - BCD is back on the market. HG and I were communicating a lot better and getting along but ultimately the problems I talked about earlier were just too great to overcome. While in theory she was OK living the life of a "normal" person, ultimately she wasn't comfortable with anything but a high end lifestyle, which is not how I want to be or to raise M. To me, having money is a good thing (of course) but choosing to buy or do expensive things just because they are "exclusive" or expensive just doesn't fit my value system. The split was amicable though. Now the trick is to find a woman in NYC whose value system fits this. Seems easy right? You have no idea how hard that is here. NYC really F's people up. Wish me luck. Going to try the online thing to start but ultimately I think through friends is the way to go.

New Apartment - I struggled with this one because I don't want to stretch myself financially, but given some of the concessions M's mother has made, my alimony payments are done (WAHOO!!!), and that M is outgrowing her tiny little room (only 8 x 8), I wanted to find a place bigger where she can have her own space. After and exhaustive search and several "just missed" opportunities, we settled on a place just two blocks away. You have no idea how competitive the rental market in NYC is. You have to practically show up with your entire financial picture and check in hand and take a place as soon as you see it if you like it because if you don't, the next person will. We're spending a little more than I want but to keep M in the same neighborhood, to give her a nice big room, and honestly being too tired to keep looking, I'm cool with what we found. Moving sometime in July.

So kiddies, those are the highlights. I'll try to be more regular both with checking up on everyone else as well as my own posting. As This Daddy said after my last hiatus, I have a duty to keep everyone informed. Enjoy the day everyone!


Brittany said...

So excited that you're back! Seems like you've been super busy! So glad things are going well with your ex, and that M is good! I bet she is excited to have a bigger room! :)

As for HG.. you'll find someone! :)

This Daddy said...

bout damn time. But you had to take care of you and yours man. I admire you for taking care of business. I don't know how single parents do it. Shit I can't do it and I am married. Hell. I am glad things are looking up. New place, New WOMEN, HELL YEAH HOT DAMN NEW WOMEN. Send me the applications and I will help you narrow them down. Did I say I am happy for you and the NEW WOMEN. If you ever make it to ATL, we are gonna party.....(as long as I can bring the kids and the wife says its ok)

Glad your ass is back and no not a gay joke, i dont like mens ass'.

Good God that is a HUGE THUMB, Women Love BIG THUMBS

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the online thing. Let me warn you, half of the women you encounter will be nuts. Seriously. I've been trying online dating for years and half the men are crazy.

Glad other things are going well though.

Big City Dad said...

Thanks Amanda. I hear you. This will tell you how nuts I am...I met my ex-wife online. WTF am I thinking????

T said...

The penis store. I'm pretty sure I've been there. ;)

Good luck with the dating thing. Through friends is definitely the way to go! Sorry that things didn't work out.

Glad everything is looking up otherwise! Happy that you're back!

Senorita said...

Welcome back ! Did she really mean to say "penis" or was that just a mispronounciation of something else ?

Momma Sunshine said...

Glad to hear from you...I was kind of wondering where you went.

As for that penis store, I like to go there from time to time myself. heh.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything is going well. We've missed hearing from you....

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new place! Sounds like you have a great summer planned. Enjoy!!

P.S. - Online dating is scary but makes for some hilarious stories... especially in NY!! I did meet the boyfriend online though, so success is possible. Good luck!

Danielle said...

Glad to see you back! Other than HG sounds like things are going ok. I am sure you won't have trouble finding another HG!!!

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