Thursday, November 12, 2009

Conversations with the Princess

First, I'd like to apologize to everyone who had trouble with my blog yesterday. I'm still tinkering with the format so it was up and down at times. I picked my host, blogspot, for the only reason that it came up first when I did my search. Being totally inexperienced at this, it seemed good enough to me so I went with it. Little did I know that some of you (QT ???) think b-spot SUX! Alas, unless any major issues come up, I'm here to stay. I hope you can endure the truly painful experience of dealing with my format. :-)

On to the business of the day. Since this blog is about my experience as a single daddy with Miss M, I thought it would be good to give you a sample of our every day conversations (both with and about Miss M) so that you can get a good idea of her amazingly HUGE personality:


#1: Daddy with one of Miss M's daycare teachers on during my 1st pick up:

BCD: "Hi, I'm ****. I'm here to pick up my daughter."

Cutie Teacher: "Nice to meet you. Which one is yours?"

BCD: " *****. I think she's wearing a pink dress today" (is there any other kind?)

Cutie Teacher: "Oh! The crazy one! We LOVE her! Boy does she make class fun!"

I'm in for a lot of parent teacher conferences....


#2: Nicknames - I have many nicknames for Miss M. She's apparently partial to some:

BCD: "Come on Sweet Pea, it's time to go to school."

Miss M (picture furrowed brow, very serious face): "Daddy, I not Sweet Pea. I Boo Boo Head!"

Well, excuse me.


#3 Middle of the Night Negotiation - Miss M frequently shows up at my bedside in the middle of the night wanting to crawl in. I usually acquiesce being too lazy to go through the late night negotiation. This night, however, was right after her birthday and took some special thinking on her part...

Miss M (bedside with Doggie after softly stroking Daddy's hair until he wakes up): "Happy birthday Daddy! I Love You."

Think she got in my bed that night? Enough said, right?


#4: Dinner Menu - It's always an adventure

BCD: "Boo Boo, do you want hot dogs and ketchup for dinner?" (her favorite)

Miss M: "Nooooo"

BCD: "Do you want dinosour chicken?" (Perdue baked breaded dinosour shapes, awesome.)

Miss M: "Nooooo"

BCD: "Do you want hamburgers and green beans?"

Miss M: "Nooooo"

BCD (running out of quick options): "Well baby, what do you want for dinner?"

Miss M: "I want OCTOPUS!"

We had just been to the NY Acquarium the weekend before...


#5: I LOVE THIS ONE - On her birthday

BCD: "Boo Boo, how old are you today?"

Miss M (picture chubby little fingers doing their best): "I tree! How old Daddy?"

BCD: "How old do you think Daddy is?"

Miss M (pensive): "Hmmmm....Daddy five! How old Mommy?"

BCD (holding back a multitude of smarmy thoughts): "How old do you think Mommy is?"

Miss M (furrowed brow, then hugely excited): "Mmmmmm....Mommy OLD!!!"

I love her :)


MindyMom said...

I've seen your comments around here and there and thought I'd come say hello.

Your daughter sounds adorable! I love that age and I also have many nic-names for my 4 y/o, one of which is Boo, or Boo-boo.

Blogspot has worked just fine for me for years. Welcome! :)

Anonymous said...

I know I know, I'm a fan of WP. :) I wish the two inter-commented better though.

*This is my third time trying to comment. It's frustrating.*

Your girl, you know, well, she is so cute and that age is SO FUN!!

T said...

That is all kinds of awesomeness! :)

Added you to my blog roll too. Love it here!

cathouse teri said...

Kids. I swear, I would die without them. :)

Patty said...

She sounds adorable. My littlest is a three-year-old little girl, too. Love, love, love this age and all the cute things that come out of their mouths. Write some of it down, cuz I've already forgotten some of the funniest things from my other two. My favorite is Miss M's preschool teacher..."Oh, the crazy one!" lol

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I miss some of the goofy things my daughter said when she was that age. Once, she came to me and asked, "Mama -- how does a zebra toot?" I said, "What?" She said, "How does a zebra TOOT?!" I said, "Erm... with its butt? Just like you do." She produced a toy plastic zebra, turned it around backwards and said, "But he doesn't has a HOLE!" Hahahaha. I love her thought process.

(BTW... You can cut thin strips of hot dog and put them in a fry pan for a couple of minutes, and they'll curl up a fair amount -- voila! Octopus! :) )

Anonymous said...

This is my first time stopping by. Glad to see the list of single dad bloggers growing. It's good to know that there are some good dads out there.

As for letting her sleep in your bed, don't fight it. You've only got a few years when she's actually going to want to do it. You should both enjoy it while you can. :)

jenn said...

Your daughter sounds adorable. She's the same age as my daughter, so I can totally relate to how quirky and fun they are at this age. I never know what Shiloh's going to say, but I love that.

And the comment about her mom's age made me laugh. Too funny.

Travis said...

Ah, you will never, ever regret having her climb in and cuddle up with you. Ever.

I have extremely fond memories of the quiet little conversations with my oldest daughter, when she was 4. Late at night, as I tried to get her to sleep. We discussed everything and I would sing to her. And she would wrap her arm around me. Tell me she loves me and drift off to sleep.


Excuse me for a sec. I think I have a piece of dust in my eye.

Single Mama NYC said...

Aren't they funny as heck? While at the Lionel Train store yesterday I almost dropped a train car from my hands and my 2 yr old comes bounding from around a display case to my right and says (LOUDLY), "Mama, be CAREFUL!!!". Uhhhm, thanks for chastising me in front of a room full of strangers, kid. LOL!!!

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