Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Little Doctor

Hi folks. Sorry I was away for a while. With the long weekend, Valentines Day, and a nasty stomach bug, I've been out of touch with the world for a few days. It started Sunday afternoon after Miss M came over. We played with the flowers Daddy bought her, Skyped my parents so they could see her, and played outside with one of her friends in our building. I was feeling a bit queasy at that point but it didn't get worse until later. (Don't worry, I'll spare you the details).

By the time evening rolled around, I was good and nauseous. If I'm really sick I would have M's mother come get her but this time it felt like a stomach thing that I get every once in a while and it was close to bedtime so I wasn't worried. Normally when my stomach is acting up and have Miss M, I suck it up so she doesn't worry and has a good time. This time, I couldn't play that. We put in one of her favorite movies and I laid on the couch.

"Wassa matter Daddy?" asks very scrunchy concerned face.

"Daddy doesn't feel well honey. His tummy is upset"

"You sick???" face even scrunchier than before

"Yes baby, Daddy is a bit sick but he'll be ok. Let's watch the movie and then we can go to bed"

Very pensive and then "Wait Daddy! I fix you! I get my doctor kit!"

And off she ran to her room to get the kit I bought her to keep her from being scared of the doctor. Needless to say, since she knew it was my tummy, OF COURSE, she poked and prodded it which only made it feel worse, but who am I to spoil her fun, right?

After a very thorough (and painful) exam, my little doctor asked "Daddy, you better???"

"A little honey. You're a very good doctor"

"Thanks Daddy! You take kitty. Make you feel better" and she gave me the stuffed kitty that she carries with her everywhere. I could just melt.

Daddy feels A LOT better. :)


Nicki said...

Awww. See, it's moments like that you know you are raising them right. Enjoy!

The Pipster said...

Yes, these are the moments that make us forget about everything else that is wrong in our own lives and in the world.

This Daddy said...

Very Nice. They say laughter is the best medecine but I say our children our the best medecine.

T said...

Sweet girl!

That's just dang cute. I love how they want to be so helpful. And I love little girls!

Sarah said...

what a wonderful feeling....the being taken care of, NOT the upset stomach!

jenn said...

Awww. Cute. Shiloh was very sweet when I was sick last week too.

Glad you're feeling better.

dj kosmotronix said...

Healed by love.


Senorita said...

Aaw, that's so sweet !

ShellSpann said...

That is incredibly sweet :)

S.I.F. said...

That is the most adorable thing ever... Oh my gosh, what a doll!

Yep. Totally teared up.

Danielle said...

Awe, that is awesome! And you are a brave daddy for letting her poke and prod you while you were sick.

jules said...

Aww! How adorable! Glad she was able to look after you!

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